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15 inspired gift ideas

Are you looking for the perfect gift that
- Is thoughtful, personal and creates lasting memories
- Supports the arts at a difficult time & raises money for charity
- Doesn’t require postage & is social distancing approved?

Then you have come to the right place! A Lockdown Presents gig is a unique experience for almost any occasion. We've pulled together our rundown of some of the most fun, thoughtful, and novel gig ideas for your next live virtual performance.

15 Great Gig Ideas
The wedding Gift
Friends had to cancel their wedding?

Gather the bridal party and celebrate with them virtually. Send a bottle of champagne for the couple to crack open and surprise them with a musician joining the call to play their first song. They can finally show off that dance routine practice!

The Birthday
Can’t be there for your loved one’s birthday?

Add a really special moment to a virtual birthday party and have a professional musician join to wish them Happy Birthday and play their favourite tunes. The surprise on their face when they see a new name pop up in the call will be priceless.

The Cheerer upper
Cheer someone up

Friend been working too hard? Having a tough time? Cheer them up with a lively violin duet. It will show how much you care, and take their mind off things for a bit. Music really does have a feel good power!

The Opera Ticket
Opera lover missing their season ticket?
  • Thrill them with their very own private opera performance. Even better than front row seats - they get to chat to the star of the show and see behind the mask.
The new virtual
Do something different for virtual catch up

Running out of new news on the weekly catch up after another week of walks around the local park? Treat your friends with a singalong - Hey Big Spender always seems to get a few people up and dancing!

The first date
Want to organise a unique virtual first date?

Let them order you each matching take-out, and you book the entertainment! Impress them with your very own private jazz concert, it will certainly give you lots to talk about!

The really big thank you
Want to say a really big thank you?
  • Treat someone you love with a Fortnum & Mason’s hamper and a private cello recital. Pick a sunny Sunday afternoon and they can take a blanket and bubbles and recreate their own mini-Proms
The quiz
Quiz round

Want to really up the game on virtual quizzes? Book one of our acoustic guitarists to strum the opening chords for the next “Guess the song” round. They can sing the chorus if it’s too hard!

The Anniversary
Milestone anniversary celebration

Can’t be with your grandparents for a milestone anniversary? Book them their own private classical recital and get all the family online to celebrate with them. They’ll be so thrilled, it’ll be worth the tutorial to get them on Zoom!

The work hard gig harder
Work social
  • Keeping company culture and teams connected is even more important than ever. Why not book a musician or two to join the next company virtual social as a treat for employees? They can send in their requests on chat, or you could make it a quiz or competition.
The interesting intermission
Book club

Add another level to book club discussions and book a private recital. Challenge to the Chair - can you link the music genre to the theme of the book?

Missing live concerts

Know someone missing the thrill of the concert halls and keen to support the arts? Ask a musician to put together their top 3 classical pieces, having a private Q&A with a professional is even better than front row seats!

The virtual signalling
Big romantic gesture
  • Want to show someone how much you love them from across an ocean? Go even further than a bunch of roses and pair them with a beautifully sung love song.
The baby shower
New baby

Going out to a show feels like lightyears away for the new parents. Add a little culture to their life and do something incredibly thoughtful - send a ‘welcome to the world’ song. “Here comes the sun” brought a tear to one new parents eye.

The rekindling
Connect from afar

Some people have been doing video catch ups since long before the pandemic. Surprise your friend across the world by getting you all ‘tickets’ to a virtual live gig together. Being in the audience together is a sure way to close that distance.