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If you would like to be a Lockdown Performer, click below to find out more about the process and to sign up.

We welcome applications from all genres of performance (classical music, pop, poetry, beatbox, comedy etc) and from artists around the world. UK applications for some categories are currently closed based on the level of demand versus our current number of artists. We open applications up as and when demand increases, in order to ensure that there is a meaningful level of activity which is worthwhile for the musicians on the platform.

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What will we ask for?

We'll ask for the items below so that we can build a bio page (feel free to take a look at some of the existing musician bios) and for quality control.

  1. A profile picture and a banner picture
  2. Musicality: genres, instruments, background
  3. Link to a video of you performing, either Youtube or Vimeo
  4. Social media and your website links if you want to promote these
Quality control and setup

We'll review the details you've provided. and then proceed to a video call with you to confirm sound quality and performance are to a good standard.
We'll then set you up with our scheduling software and and confirm you are happy with your draft bio on the website.

The gig
Perform from home

Customers can book a gig based on your calendar availability and create a performance based on your published repertoire.
At the event time, click the Zoom link to join a video call with your audience. Say hello, have a quick chat and then launch into your set.

The afterparty
Get paid and raise money for charity

You receive 80% of the gig fee, and the rest of the proceeds go to charity. Gig attendees also get sent a link to a form after the gig that gives them the option to tip for an outstanding performance.


How do I choose the number of performances and availability?

We set you up with a login for our scheduling tool. First you sync your calendar so you cannot be booked when you have other events and so events automatically go into your diary. Then you set exactly when and which days you are available to be booked, max number of events per day, minimum notice and how far in advance you can be booked. You have full control.

Do I need to pay anything?

No, we're covering all costs.

Can I accept tips?

Yes. After the gig, attendees are invited to provide a review and a tip. You get a notification automatically when this happens.

When would I get paid?

Weekly, by bank transfer directly to your bank account.

Can I do additional work with clients I've met through Lockdown Presents?

Absolutely. The platform is there to connect performers and music lovers; if they want to repeat-book you then you can have them do it via Lockdown Presents or not.

What is the sound quality like for a performance?

Of course it can never compare to a live concert in person but the sound quality for music on Zoom is generally pretty good. Here are a couple of tips to ensure that the listening experience stays magical.
1. Make sure you have stable internet, preferably connect your laptop with an Ethernet cable, rather than WiFi
2. We use Zoom because it enables the best audio quality for musical performances.
3. You can adjust your Zoom settings for better audio quality: In the desktop app, go to preferences, then click Audio, then click Advanced. Tick the option to "enable original sound" from microphone and untick both "Suppress persistent background noise" and "suppress intermittent background noise".
4. Not all mics were created equal. You may be surprised to learn that newer iPhones provide higher fidelity sound than many older laptop models. So you could test with a friend how the sound quality compares between devices. We will also test this as part of coming on board as a performer.