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If you would like to be a Lockdown Performer, click below to find out more about the process and to sign up.

We welcome applications from all genres of performance (classical music, pop, poetry, beatbox, comedy etc) and from artists around the world.

Joining and FAQs

How can I join?

We've documented the joining process in our performer guide. You can read about the application process, as well as how everything works. We go through what we are looking for and what we provide to you.

To view the guide and apply visit:
Joining Lockdown Presents as a musician

Do I need to pay anything?

No, we're covering all costs.

Can I accept tips?

Yes. After the gig, attendees are invited to provide a review and a tip. You get a notification automatically when this happens.

When would I get paid?

Weekly, by bank transfer directly to your bank account.

Can I do additional work with clients I've met through Lockdown Presents?

Absolutely. The platform is there to connect performers and music lovers; if they want to repeat-book you then you can have them do it via Lockdown Presents or not.

What is the sound quality like for a performance?

Of course it can never compare to a live concert in person but the sound quality for music on Zoom is generally pretty good. Here are a couple of tips to ensure that the listening experience stays magical.
1. Make sure you have stable internet, preferably connect your laptop with an Ethernet cable, rather than WiFi
2. We use Zoom because it enables the best audio quality for musical performances.
3. You can adjust your Zoom settings for better audio quality: In the desktop app, go to preferences, then click Audio, then click Advanced. Tick the option to "enable original sound" from microphone and untick both "Suppress persistent background noise" and "suppress intermittent background noise".
4. Not all mics were created equal. You may be surprised to learn that newer iPhones provide higher fidelity sound than many older laptop models. So you could test with a friend how the sound quality compares between devices. We will also test this as part of coming on board as a performer.