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How to book your live virtual concert

Know someone that would enjoy live music and interaction with a professional artist? Whether it's for friends and family, colleagues, or a care home community, here's how to book the perfect gig...

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Simone Girardeau
Simone Girardeau

Co-founder, marketing & PR, can't sing to save my life

January 2021

Our community of musicians perform virtual concerts for individuals, groups, and communities all over the world, bringing the joy of live music to your screen to enjoy together, wherever you all are.

How to book?

Follow these steps and in no time, you will be enjoying a live concert in your home with a professional musician.

First, choose an artist

Whether the recipient loves classical, jazz, pop or 60's classics, we have the perfect artist for you. You can browse based on genre, for example by clicking Opera in the navigation bar at the top, or go to All Performers and use the filters to find exactly what you are looking for. Visit an artist's profile to view their repertoire, reviews and videos.

Second, choose your concert

Our recommendation is to choose ‘Artist’s Choice’ so the artist can curate a set based on the information you provide.You will have a chance to tell them about your occasion in the booking form, so they can curate the perfect set.

On the artist's page you will see their published repertoire, so if there is something in particular you would love to hear, choose 'Create your own' and share which songs you would like to hear. Alternatively, choose one of their curated sets for special occasions, e.g. a love themed set for an anniversary.

If you would like to request something bespoke (e.g. a song not listed in their repertoire, or a longer set) you can contact the artist directly using the link on their profile. They will respond with a quote if they can fulfil your request.

Third, choose a time and duration

Each set can be booked for 15, 30 or 45 minutes. You'll be able to see your performer's live availability and instantly book instantly.  

In the booking form you can provide the artist with more context so they can create the perfect personal experience for you. You can also let them know if the gig is a surprise so that they can enter the Zoom stage accordingly!

  1. For care home concerts in a group setting we request you please book at least a 30 minute gig to allow for set up time with the artist
  2. For company events, please see our Corporate Events page. You can use the instant booking to check availability, but the prices are different for corporate bookings.

Finally, enjoy your concert!

When you book you will receive a Zoom link to join the concert at the appointed time. Share this link with whoever you are inviting to join your concert.

You can click the link to join earlier if you wish, up to 15 minutes before the show, in case you want to have a chat with your friends. Note, the Zoom room stays open for 40 minutes only.

If you want to have more time together, for example a longer catch up before or after the show, this is no problem! You just need to use your own Zoom subscription with a licence for longer calls and provide your musician with the updated link. Alternatively, just click back into the original link if it closes after 40 mins.

Feedback and tipping

You will be sent a link to provide feedback on the performance and leave a tip for your artist if you wish to. All feedback is greatly appreciated and helps us and the artists to continue to provide the best possible experience.

100% of tips go directly to the performer. We have tried to keep the base price accessible so that as many people as possible can enjoy live music at this difficult time. If you can afford to pay more and enjoyed your concert, all tips make a big difference to the artists. Tips vary from £5 to £100 so there is no 'tipping guidance', all tips are appreciated.

Please share the feedback and tipping link with the others in the audience, particularly if it was a larger audience.

Booking for a care home

For an individual in a care home

You can book as usual following the steps above. Please note the recipient will need to be able to join over Zoom, so you may need to ask someone to set up an iPad or laptop and to help them log in to the Zoom link in the email.

For a group setting

Follow the steps above to book but please choose at least a 30 minute concert to account for the additional liaison and set up time that these concerts usually involve for the performer.

We recommend connecting a laptop up to the TV if possible so that everyone can see the performance on the big screen. Just be aware that whoever is speaking to the artist will need to be close to the microphone if they want to speak.

Booking for a company

Are you looking to book for a company event? We can cater for all kinds of events, whether it's a small team social, a 300 person company party, a conference or training day. Pricing depends on your requirements (size of audience, length of set and any bespoke requests) - we have price guidance and information about how to book a corporate event here.

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