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Gift ideas for when you can't be there in person

Our list of top gift ideas for any occasion for those separated by land and sea.

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Steffen Hoyemsvoll
Steffen Hoyemsvoll

Co-founder, ops & tech, Spotify-hogger

January 2021

Here is our list of some of the best all-time gift ideas for when you can't be there. This is pure inspiration, so no his and hers categories or anything like that, just cold hard PACKAGED JOY.

This is a work in progress so we'll keep it updated as we find more great ideas.

Experiential and virtual gift ideas

Here are our top picks of gifts you can give that don't require postage or travel. They just need a stable internet connection and someone to do IT support for uncle still-has-a-motorola.

  1. Lockdown Presents music gig
    Book a musician to perform a personal 15 minute live concert over Zoom
  2. Greengage Virtual Theatre and Music experience
    Join an audience and tune in for a show ranging from theatre, poetry, music with homegrown talent
  3. Virtual tour, some of our favourites:
  • The Guggenheim in New York City will allow you to walk the curving halls of this hallowed institution using Street View, making for a more realistic experience.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art: From a timeline of 5,000 years of art history to meeting artists, New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art shares an immersive menu of interactive offerings.
  • London’s National Gallery: The possibilities of what you can see at London’s National Gallery are nearly endless.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed by choices, Google also offers a quick link to the top 10 virtual museums around the globe.

Thoughtful messages

When you want to send something more enduring, send a message. Some people like to say it in song, some say it with flowers, and some say it with a novelty t-shirt that definitely will stay as on the button in ten year's time as today ("Carole Baskin did it!" Am I right!?). Here's our top pick of messages you can send:

  1. Lockdown Presents send a music message
    Send a recorded music message from any one of our performers, choose your recipient's favourite song or ask the artist to mention a favourite inside joke
  2. Create a recorded video from their friends and family with
  3. Flower service - our fave is

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