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Pricing and tipping

An explanation of our 'Pay what you want' pricing, and how we approach fees.

Written BY

Simone Girardeau
Simone Girardeau

Co-founder, marketing & PR, can't sing to save my life

January 2021

How do we think about price? 

Our pricing aims to strike a balance between;

  • Accessibility - We want to bring the joy of live music to as many people as possible.
  • Meaningful - We want to create a meaningful source of income for freelance musicians. We try to balance being affordable and generating sufficient bookings with paying musicians a meaningful amount per booking.
  • Fairness -  There is industry guidance for minimum fees, e.g. from the Musicians Union. These are aimed at live performances and don’t translate directly to virtual concerts but we have aimed to meet the spirit of the guidance with our minimum base price. However, we don’t want artists to earn the ‘minimum’, we want to recognise their enormous talent and experience and for them to earn what they deserve.
  • Simplicity - We want to keep pricing simple, we know you can’t predict exactly how many people will turn up for a virtual event and that it might change the dynamic if every family member who joins costs you a bit extra! Our current pricing model enables instant booking, and is flexible if you have bespoke requirements.
  • Our margin and sustainability - 80% of your booking fee and 100% of tips go to your musician. Our 20% share of your booking fee covers our tech costs with the rest going to charity. Longer term, we will likely need to cover marketing costs and pay for someone’s time to manage to site.

Here’s how it works:

Artists receive 80% of booking fees and 100% of tips.

To balance all these requirements, we have set a minimum price with the choice to add a ‘Pay what you want’ amount.

Booking fee

  • £30/$40 per artist per 15 minutes of performance
    This ensures that artists get paid for their time, which includes not only performance time, corresponding with audiences about requirements, and preparation for the concert, but also the many years of training and practice behind their skills. 
  • plus, a pay-what-you-want amount
    You have the option at checkout to add a ‘Pay what you want’ fee.

When to pay what you want?

If you can and if you want!

If you are able to pay more and wish to recognise the value of a private concert, you can add a fee here. In particular, you may wish to add a PWYW fee if

  • You have a large number of people joining the audience
  • You have lots of questions for the artist that will take up more of their time  
  • You are asking for something slightly bespoke


After your concert you will be sent a link asking for your feedback and offering the chance to leave a tip.

  • 100% of tips go directly to the performer. If you can afford to pay more and enjoyed your concert, all tips make a big difference to the artists. Tips vary from £5 to £100 so there is no 'tipping guidance', all tips are appreciated.
  • It makes a huge difference if you pass the tipping and feedback link on to the others who joined your concert, especially if it was with a larger group. We send you the link ahead of time, so even better - share it straight away in the Zoom chat! Small tips from many different people in an audience can really add up. 


We promise to be transparent about our pricing, the artists' share and any changes we make. Currently the site is volunteer run with all profits going to charity. Our biggest costs are the tech costs (website hosting, calendar software, email management, payment processing) and we have funded all marketing to date through our crowdfunding campaign.

As we look to scale it is likely there will be no profit, we may wish to reinvest in marketing, or pay someone/ourselves for the time to manage the website and enquiries. Therefore in 2021 we will likely change our charity donation to be a fixed amount of revenue rather than profit. We will communicate this once we have made a decision and it will only apply to future bookings from that point. 


We have debated the pricing for our virtual gigs many times and continue to do so. We might not have it quite right yet and we continue to evolve based on feedback from artists and audiences. 

If you have any comments on our post, or feedback on our pricing, we'd love to know. Reach out to

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