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Round of Applause: thanking our charities

Our first in a series of 'thank you' gigs for the amazing charities we support

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Simone Girardeau
Simone Girardeau

Co-founder, marketing & PR, can't sing to save my life

January 2021

Round of Applause: thank you concerts

Today we announced our Round-of-Applause series of video conference concerts, arranged as dedicated thank-you’s to the charities that we support; Mind, Refuge and Age UK. We want to recognise the support given by these charities and their networks to some of society’s most vulnerable people during the pandemic.

The opening concert took place today, 5th August, with singer-songwriter Danny (aka DG Solaris) in a tribute performance to Refuge, the UK charity that provides specialist support for women and children experiencing domestic violence.

We want to recognise the work and dedication that these charities have put in over the last few months, to support the increase in demand for their services. We donate all our profits to charity, split across Refuge, Age UK and Mind, but want to do something extra for those working away behind the scenes, and bring them a moment of joy and appreciation.

Jane Keeper, director of operations at Refuge, and responsible for Refuge’s national frontline services, says: “Refuge’s near 400 expert staff have worked around the clock to keep our services running during the pandemic - supporting more than 6,500 survivors every day. On top of that, Refuge runs the National Domestic Abuse Helpline, which receives hundreds of calls. More women and their loved ones contact us for support every day. We’ve seen huge increases in demand during COVID. It is wonderful for our staff, their commitment and tireless dedication to supporting abused women and children, to be recognised today. We will be tuning in and turning up the volume to enjoy the performances. Thank you to the Lockdown Presents team – we are very grateful indeed.”

Danny and the Refuge team enjoyed the gig enormously and it always brings a huge smile to our faces to hear about the joy that our virtual gigs have brought people. The team at Refuge deserve an enormous thank you and we're glad we could do a little something to support that with some live feel good music over Zoom!

"I cannot thank you enough for today, everyone was over the moon with the surprise!" Gabi, Refuge

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