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Trevor Goodchild



London, England

Luci Briginshaw is a lyric-coloratura soprano who has had major roles with several UK opera companies, including English Touring Opera. In 2019 she won two prizes at the ‘By Voice Alone’ competition, judged by the heads of ENO, ROH and WNO.
March 2021
Luci has a superb,beautiful voice -- strong and delicate at the same time. It was a privilege for me to hear her sing arias I'd chosen and love. Her vivacious description of each song beforehand, putting them in context, was delightful and inspired. This, with her singing, made some friends who didn’t know much about opera say they could really see and understand the attraction. She speaks Italian beautifully.It was itself a pleasure to hear her speak it. She has a new fan.

Trevor Goodchild

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